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Our core business is launching, positioning and elevating brands across the globe! 

NEREIDES MANAGEMENT, a division of NEREIDES Group, is a Luxury Marketing & Communication Agency based in Paris.

A team of communication strategists is constantly developing new trends, different knowledge, and innovative stories.

NM’s range of divisions is unmatched by any other marketing services agency.


Divisions are both independent and collaborative, providing a unique offering to clients.



"The aim of our Agency is to develop your brand identity through an effective tailor-made 

market positioning strategy and an unprecedented global network.

Your image is your asset!

We are based in Paris and and we have direct access to global resources:

international media, major events and celebrities.

NE's leaders have a confirmed marketing and communication experience, a deep sensibility and know-how.

We know how to make your new or restarting brand internationally recognizable, desirable and unique.

We lead you to create successful stories on your products and services and to enhance your brand reputation. 

Luxury Industry changes very fast and we know how to anticipate and create new trends and styles.

We have an international business mindset and we constantly open to unusual trends and disruptive ideas."

Mr. Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon

Chairman and CEO of NEREIDES Group


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Nereides Antonio Giamundo De Bourbon

Chairman & CEO

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Nereides De Bourbon is a confirmed luxury marketing expert and a fine international financial strategist. 

Since 2007, he founded the NEREIDES Group and related divisions such ​NEREIDES Haute Couture, NEREIDES Parfum & Beauté, NEREIDES Management and NEREIDES Entertainement and he cooperated with most discerning luxury brands.

Delivery excellence is Nereides' long-term business core belief that is full people centered. 

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Global Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

International Creative & Artistic Director and Photographer, Lello Ammirati possesses a unique style that is red-hot, beyond fashionable and completely original. 

Mainly shooting fashion editorial and advertising campaigns, Lello began his photography career in 1996 shooting model portfolios, landscapes and portraits. His glamour ad campaigns and exquisitely styled couture photos are conveyed through his completely original artistic vision. 

Aiming to deliver more than just an image, his goal is a heightened creative sensitivity bringing a responsive awareness to the visual message through the photographic medium.

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Luxury Marketing Strategist

trailblazer of new Markets 

Mila Anufrieva is an international luxury and fashion business consultant. She marked the story of fashion business in Russian and she collaborated with mains fashion and luxury brands among Europe, USA and Africa. Mila is a pioneer of new trends and emerging markets.